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The homes we live in reflect our lives, not just in the decorations and items we have inside, but in their form and function, too. A growing family might need lots of space; a newly-married couple might be happy with just enough space for the two of them. Some people spend their whole lives in the same house, while others move around, calling different places home. It is all about finding the property and the community in which you feel the most comfortable, and which can also meet your needs. Over time, as those needs change, you can feel that it is time to start searching for a new place to live.

At Lanser Communities, we are proud to be a part of actively developing new opportunities for individuals and families looking for that fresh start. With several display villages around Adelaide, each providing unique benefits and a tailored atmosphere, there are opportunities for just about every type of home buyer. From those who want to buy their first house to the retiree looking for a beautiful, peaceful place to relax, you will find a wealth of diversity in our display houses in Adelaide. Consider a few of the communities we’re currently involved in developing, and why you should think about scheduling a visit to one of the villages soon.

Visit a display home in Adelaide to understand your options

From the gorgeous views and rolling landscape of our Aston Hills development to the serene water features and welcoming neighbourhood feel of Virginia Grove, Lanser Communities builds with a vision. Each of our communities is built to be better by design. We believe everyone, across all demographics, deserves the opportunity to live in a place where you feel safe and at home. Don’t take our word for it: seeing is believing.

Visiting a display home in Adelaide affords you the best opportunity possible to picture yourself in a new home and community. Explore our model houses to get a feel for their style while roaming through the villages to understand what it’s like living there. Visiting an area is an experience that looking at online listing photos simply can’t replicate. The friendly staff at our sales centre can also help you with any questions you have about particular homes after your visit.

Enjoy safety, peace, and a space all your own

Finding a community that fits with your outlook and your desired lifestyle shouldn’t be difficult by design. With the display homes around Adelaide hosted by Lanser Communities, the process of searching for your new home can be an exciting and fun process once again. Choose one of our communities based on the available amenities, the atmosphere, and of course, the stunning houses on display. With work performed by some of Australia’s prestigious and leading builders, there is plenty of variety in style but rock-solid consistency in the construction. Visit one of our welcoming villages soon, or browse the available lots or home & land packages available here on our site. Questions? We welcome your calls on (08) 8132 1115.

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